Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Isn't She lovely....

"Isn’t she wonderful? Isn’t she precious?"

To Coco, on her Second Birthday:

To say, you have stolen hearts, is an understatement. You have a secret little envelope, with a full dance card of unwavering devotion. You are the essence of happy, the purest form of childhood spirit. You have made the most serious adults, spontaneously burst into smile, to spite themselves.

You are not the typical little girlie-girl. You are an adventurous clown who may try anything once. Maybe even twice. You are a firework of energy. From the moment you wake, to the VERY late minute you fall to sleep. You are convinced there is no need to brush your hair, but will apply sparkle lip-gloss often throughout the day. Your laughter is a squeal, your walk has a skip and you have even graced yourself with a Stage Name... Jazz hands and all.

Your most enduring character trait, was gifted from your father (inherited from HIS father.) You have taken this envy worthy talent and made it Even More special. Being near you, in the sparkly bubble of your engaging personality, makes people 'just feel happy'. People are drawn into you. They want your attention and feel better, after their Cup of Coco.
With the flirtatious tilt of your head, your curve of a smile and your large, direct pool of eye contact... you easily own their loyalty. Bought, bagged and paid for.
I hate to divulge your secret but you have quietly convinced many adults, they are your most favorite. You remember people, make them feel seen by you and leave them positively warmed, within your ray of light. You intuitively sense their moods and snuggle or laugh, accordingly.

I am not a mother, with rose-colored glasses and therefore, can admit... you are a wee bit gross. While living life in the fast lane, there is hardly time to pit-stop for face cleaning, diaper changing or even a common-sense think break. For example:
"Should I try eating deodorant?? Why not!"
"Does this outfit match? Who cares!"
"Does peanut butter mix well with ranch dressing, ketchup and chicken nuggets?? It does today!"
"And sure I'll hug you tight and kiss you hard but I'm not afraid to Smack a Ho.edown, if required."

"Isn’t she pretty? Tru-ly the angel’s best."

You have an indescribably, words are not worthy, blend of sometimes unconventional and mysterious allure. Your eyes, too defiant to pick a color, are the captivating mood-ring of your face. You remind me of a well painted work of art. Very pretty at first glance, sometimes messy at a particular angle and then... when the admirer pauses... takes a breath... and really studies your full Snow-white lips, your long gentle eyelashes and perfectly rounded cheeks... they are stunned by your heart-stopping beauty. And if you light up our world with your sun-shiny gladness and occasionally mischievous smile.... Forget about it!

"Boy, I’m so happy.
We have been heaven blessed.
I can’t believe what God has done,
Through us he’s given life to one.
But isn’t she lovely... made from love."

Two years ago, you took our roller coaster and added a few more twists and a pretty dramatic turn. You simultaneously gave our family a bright shot of adrenaline, with a calming drink from your green-tea of love. We were all waiting for you. To be gifted to this family, at this very moment.
I am honored to be within your magical, floating bubble. You lift me up and carefully keep me floating, warm in your sunshine. You, Just Make Me Feel Happy.
You really are... so very lovely.
And were undoubtedly... made from love.

Happy Second Birthday, Coco.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday have lightened my moods on many occasion. -Unkhol

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Coco! Your you were aperfect addition to an already great family. Did not know we needed and now know we can't live without you. You own your Popop and he will admit it. You remind us of your Mommy and yet you are your own perfect self. I hope you keep your loving charm. We all need a regular Cup of Coco.

Coach said...

Happy Birthday "Sweetness". You really do know how to light up a room.

ct said...

happy birthday to coco!!!! xoxo. i personally can not wait to watch her and will grow up....being gross together! (they share a lot of the same gross habits!) ;)

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Coco!! Even though you learned my name, you can call me 'Dat Girl' as long as you want...because you're super cute.

Cath said...

Happy Birthday cute little Coco!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet Coco. You light up my heart with your warm smile. I love the way you greet me with that loving smile, wide eyes and bubbling personality. Your hugs make my heart jump for joy. We love your lovely expressions. Have a good day.Love, Gramma G & Grampa A

Flag Girl said...

Happy birthday Coco!
Thank you for all of the hugs and kisses
Thank you for making me laugh
Thank you for your excitement when I walk in the door
I love watching you grow into a pretty little girl!

The Mrs. said...

Happy birthday, sweet girl. I look forward to all the time I'll get to spend soaking up your magic this summer!

Doc said...

Happy happy birthday sweet girl!! I love the way you make me feel when we see each other, and you greet me with a HUGE hug! I hope you had a great day!! Luv u!!

you can call me al said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you made lots of fun memories today!

The Bride said...

Happy Birthday sweet sweet Coco. I can't wait to see you in preschool next year!!

Chili said...

Happy Birthday Coco! Amazing how you can change the course of my day by me just looking at your cuteness through a photo!