Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bye-Bye Baby....

Two years ago today, we were at Ella Bella's 2nd Birthday party. I was hugely pregnant, exhausted from 3 nights of fake-out labor and sorta confused by EB's mother, who repeatedly and sadly deep-sighed for her last baby's second birthday. I clearly remember, thinking that was so odd. Most people, would be sad for the First Birthday but NOT the Second Bday!?
I do not believe in the Terrible Two's. I Heart the Bojangles out of Coco's developing personality (mostly). I love hearing her talk, watching her little legs learn to run and seeing her make friends.
Who would ever get sad, over a Second Birthday??
Ummm... Me. That's who.

Five months into the pregnancy, we knew (were told) Coco would be our last baby. I made a promise to 'Be Present' in all her baby moments and I have done my best. I over-snuggled Coco's baby-ness to the point of smothering. I bought a Pregnancy Baby Book in addition to a regular. I have tried to remember video, blogged about her, made Shutterfly books of her adorableness. I allowed her to sleep with us, have shared nearly every waking moment of her life. When she was not with her parents, she has had a limited sitter list of Grandparents, Aunts and a couple cousins.
I have undeniably enjoyed her baby-ness. I celebrated her First Birthday, with only a mild new-baby ache.
Then... a couple weeks ago, I remembered Ella's melancholy mother, on her daughter's Second Birthday. And I finally, really 'Got it!'.
Tomorrow, my VERY last baby, will turn Two.
No more warm baby naps, no more cute little baby onesies. No more babies to name or soft baby heads to smell (though I huffed a pretty hard-core fix off the Peters baby recently.) No more baby coos. And now, Coach refuses to cooperate in my plan to kidnap baby Asher. (Stupid Coach and his following the law-ness.)
Therefore: No More Babies, Period.
Tomorrow, Coco will be a 'big girl like her sista'.
I click 'Dislike' to this post.
Except....she is getting pretty funny... and her hair is growing in very cute... and her smile shines even more beautiful... so maybe Two isn't THAT bad.

Ella Bella is the last of her girls, to turn 4.
Happy Fourth Birthday, EB!!

Coco: don't even think of turning Four.
You'd better back that bus up.


Arizona said...

your baby is a Taurus. My mom's baby was a Taurus... yep, me :) you're in for some adorable head-strong hilarity. the baby is always the cutest & funniest. Enjoy, HBD, Coco!!

Unknown said...

Arizona this is not her birthday blog. This is her day before birthday blog. Because for the baby, one blog is not enough. It is like she is Warhol with less blogs.
Tru Stories - she is still a baby. I will cuddle her and smell her head as long as I can hold her down.

ct said...

happy birthday to coco!!!!!

Tru Stories said...

Seriously, Arizona...
did you really think THAT was Coco's birthday blog?? Give me a little more credit.

Tru Stories said...

And for anyone, who may have gotten just a bit emotional, over my baby turning into a Big Girl...
She sweetly pooped in the tub this morning, to prove she's not THAT grown-up.
Thanks for keeping it real, Coco.

Unknown said...

Someone should probably mention how adorable the 4 year olds are. Those are some cute girls. Add Flower into the picture and they will be forces to be reckoned with.

The Mrs. said...

I thought that maybe you were posting an early birthday post to your baby in preparation for a last minute call to attend Oprah's Surprise Spectacular tonight. I wouldn't be mad at you if that was the case.

The Mrs. said...

I would also like to go on record as saying that the 13 month period spanning April 2006 - May 2007 was a very successful year in producing adorable, strong willed, fiesty, fiery females. The world should start preparing for their pre-teen years now as well as their inevitable world domination. I predict the first woman president might very well have been born in this period of time.

arizona said...

I thought maybe you'd be huddled in a corner crying today & maybe post the next day... sheesh.