Saturday, April 16, 2011

Never! In all his Years....

This rainy Saturday, CT will celebrate her sons birthdays. Earlier this week, they received a surprise gift from their Grandma M. Grandma M stopped by, unannounced with a miniature horse, as a gift to the boys. A shock to even CT!!
This is adorable. The pictures of the jammie-clad boys are priceless. Grandma M easily wins the prize for Greatest Grandma for the Month of April.

Yet, I cannot help but wonder:
What if Grammy, surprised all of us with a Pony?
A Puppy? A Bunny? Or even a tiny Hamster?

Coach would NOT happily grab the camera for cute pics. I rather believe, he may chase Grammy down the drive, spewing curse words, while spitting at her feet. Football-style throwing the hamster, after her....
I suppose, the reaction MAY not be that violent.
But pretty close.

Lucky for CT's boys, her husband is a little more game for animal surprises. Plus, they already have a barn... and that helps.
Happy Birthday Boys!!
I wish, I could gift you some sunshine.


Unknown said...

I did not keep a receipt for their Easter Hamsters! Someone will pay!
Happy Birthday to CTs boys and hats off to another spoiling Grandma. Loved the pictures.

ct said...

I'd say the boys are pretty lucky!! Grandma M did a good job! Good to see coach and the kids yesterday. Hope Coco is feeling better! :(

Thanks for the bday shout out! ;)

Doc said...

Happy bday boys! Enjoy the pony and hold on tight!!

Flag Girl said...

Happy birthday!!!