Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Forecast: 42 degrees w/ Thunderstorms

The Exact Text Message exchange between Warhol and I, as I notified parents baseball practice was canceled, due to poor weather.

Me: Looks like 'Coach' is gonna have to cancel practice again this evening.

CrummyAsstCoachHol: sweeeeet

Me: Not so sweet. Their first game is Thursday and they still suck.

Warhol: Oh, was this a "magic" practice??

Me: Funny.


Point #1: Obviously, Coach inherited his love of athletics from his elder brother.

Point #2: Munchkin, you'll notice I did NOT respond 'LOL'... even if I may in fact, have Laughed Out Loud, as I read his reply.


Munchkin said...


Unknown said...

Let's hope that The Kid, any of his teammates of their parents don't read about their terrible baseball team.

Chili said...

I would like to know how this "Magic Practicing" works.
I need to utilize it for the Warrior Dash.

Flag Girl said...

Ill take some of that magic...lol

Tru Stories said...

Mom- I don't think it is a secret to anyone... these boys could use a few more practices.

Anonymous said...

I resent Crummy Ass T Coach