Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Really Hate:

when the Mrs. extends stupid challenges.
Here goes....

I am very much NOT a Warrior.

I want regular pedicures.

I have more than I imagined.

I wish the ants in my kitchen would leave.

I hate anyone who makes my children sad.

I fear I really may not be attending an Oprah Show.

I hear you but I am probably not listening. Sorry... I get that from my Dad.

I search for very little. I am surprisingly, very comfortable with what I have and what I know.

I wonder if Kit's 'Full On and Fearless' personality, really will be the death of me.

I regret next to nothing. MOST all of my bad decisions have led to my good choices.

I love these four people to the point, it is completely indescribable.

I ache over the day, I am no longer Tink's 'faborite'.

I always am continually amazed by The Kid's forgiving and wanting Heart.

I usually am ignorantly renewed by each day.

I am not (repeat) a Warrior.

I dance with maybe less abandon than I should.

I sing only in the presence of children.

I never argue with a drunk. (words to live by!)

I sometimes lack a filter.

I cry very, very rarely.

I lose more sleep to thinking, than I should.

I am grateful I took a deep breath and jumped, rather than sitting comfortable on the familiar ledge.

I need more sleep, than I get.

I should pretend, to give this running thing a solid effort. But I am sure, I won't.

Ok ladies, I did this. Blah.


Flag Girl said...

I'm glad you jumped....

Doc said...

I believe you ARE a warrior!! I'm glad you made bad decisions/good choices and jumped too!!

You can get more sleep if you ditch your crazy rule!! Go to bed first tonight!!

The Mrs. said...

Okay, before I thought you were being funny but now I'm thinking you seriously thought I spelled "warrior" wrong on my post. Check it again - I correctly spelled "worrier" (as in 'one who worries'). I ain't no warrior either, trust me. I guess YOU MUST...have some subconscious fears about The Dash!

Thanks for playing along.

Tru Stories said...

ok...funny... I seriously did. And you are right, I am having blackout fears over it. It makes me feel like puking. The phrase 'very stupid idea' is on repeat in my head.
Sorry, I took that out in your Comment section!

Unknown said...

You know what is not a warrior? Falling off a bike. I fell off a bike yesterday.

North of 10th said...

When you say bike is that metaphorical? Like falling off the wagon?

Anonymous said...

I am indifferent that you jumped..but it got the rest of us banned from future boat trips.

Munchkin said...

anonymoushol is funny

Tru Stories said...

Dear 'anonymous'-hol.
I appreciate that you took a metaphor for the trials of my life and were able to relate it to my awesomeness on the Boat Trip.
But I am MORE than certain, I am not the only 'jumper' that forever revoked our invite on 'The Trip'.

Chili said...

I sometimes lack a filter?????

Unknown said...

She used to be shy. Doesn't that seem shocking. I'm serious. SHY! I'm glad she does not lack a filter, "sometimes."

Anonymous said...

Ahhh..that's right Sweetbreads helped our gang to metaphorically and real lifeily jump ship and be doomed as land lubbers.