Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Something Vexes Thee... Again??

Many months ago, I posted my poor Coach was having a bad week. Sadly, it has happened again. I'm sure, in many households, the husband feeling grumpy is not blog-worthy material. Yet, in our world, Coach is our rainbow and we are the clouds floating around him. Because my children were grown from within me, they unfortunately inherited a little more of my (occasionally) gloomy DNA and less of their father's smilely sunshinyness.

My mother seems to have successfully (for the moment) rid our home of it's Bad Mojo. Except, we realized she only floated the bad vibes out into our yard. In the span of one hour, Coach's clutch shut down in his (cute little) Big Man Truck. Forcing The Kid and I, out to the street to push the (luckily cute and very little) truck back up the driveway.
Moments later, Doomsday Dan blew a big ol' gust of bad luck against Coach's basketball hoop. Crashing it to the ground and snapping the metal backing.

Truck in the Shop + Broken Basketball Hoop =
Bummed out Coach x Plumbing bills =
Very Bummed Out Coach.

Here's hoping my husband's luck turns around. Because even the idea, of having to be the cheerful adult in this home... really gives me a headache.

You once thought of me
As a white knight on a steed.
Now you know how happy I can be.
Oh, and our good times start and end
Without dollar one to spend.
But how much, baby, do we really need.

Cheer up, Sleepy Jean.
Oh, what can it mean.
To a daydream believer
And a homecoming King....


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Coach. This builds character and brings the two of you closer together. I have confidence Tru Stories can take over the sunshine until Coach can let this pass. You under estimate yourself Tru Stories.

Coach said...

I am sure that all of us brothers and sisters have had enough character building opportunities to last us a lifetime.

Unknown said...

I know many people that Tru Stories brings sunshine to through this blog!
Coach try to remember the bad stuff is not personal, it is just part of life. You two are doing great.

Stephanie said...

I know its not much, but there are basketball hoops in town he can use...and as for the least its a small town and he could walk if he really wanted to get somewhere without taking the van. I am sure with a little bit more patience you guys will again stick together and make it thru this muck of unluck!