Monday, April 11, 2011

What the What???

Tonight we rented 'Black Swan'.
Confused much?
Let's totally ignore 'The Part' which was blown out of proportion. At the end, I was left with a headache.
Natalie Portman-
Save your drama for your mama.
That was too much, for me.


Chili said...

You should of heard my rant in the video store about it. Freaking horrible. I feel I was tricked into seeing it as the trailer showed me Single White Female 2. The trailer did not even remotely depict the movie. Glad it was my free one.

The General said...

So "The Part" wasn't worth it?

Tru Stories said...

"The Part" is still "The Part"
but the movie is very intense, dark and confusing. I could think of a very long list of people, who would consider it a waste of 2 hours... except for maybe those 3 minutes.

Did you just admit to hundreds, you rented this movie alone, hoping for Single White Female 2??

The General said...

So basically it's Monster's Ball 2. Gotcha.