Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't use Big Words, your Bottom can't Cash.

This morning, on the news, I heard a politician discussing Obama's plans for our Social Security debacle. The politician used the word "Demagoguery" in his normal conversation voice.
I hate to embarrass the man,
but I am pretty sure that is just a word from the Elfin language in "Lord of the Rings" and not actually a real human word. Right?

Label: This is the most political,
my blog will ever get.


Unknown said...

I'm giving you bonus points for using the word debacle in your blog. I like big words and I am sure I have never used debacle. Very impressed!

andrea said...

I had to it, Demogogue is the perfect word to use to describe the President.

Anonymous said...

This "Elfin" word you speak of has been used frequently in many circles in the last few years, as it should be, but you may have missed it watching Oprah and pulling plastic water bottles out of the garbage's. -Wetriedtowarnyahol

Bookkeeper said...

It's a word that comes from the Greeks. I commend you for using big words. When I use them, people accuse me of using Word Of the Day toilet paper. You don't happen to have any, do you?