Monday, April 18, 2011

Two Months from Today.... (puke)

I spent my weekend, home with a little girl, suffering from Spring/Chest Thing/Cough/Booger issues.
She was sweet and pathetic. We sorta loved it.

This afternoon, someone could have snapped a picture of her mother, with a nearly identical result, after enduring a 3 mile Run (36% Slow Jog/64% Walk) with Coach this afternoon.
Coach as my Running Buddy: Not Good.
February-like cold winds: Not any Gooder

Each corner we ran (slow jogged) too, I angrily mumbled "And I'm out..!" I would stop to walk and proceed into a detailed "I hate running" rant. After the first stop, Coach threatened to step in tonight, as a guest Blogger and tell the world how awful I am.
Example #Two of his upbeat, dream-crushing, motivational speaking....
after his third threat, I called his bluff and offered to log him into my account as soon as we got home.

Where's the blog, Mr. Intimidation??
Obviously, I'm not the only person living in this home, who can Talk the Talk but can't Walk the Walk.
Actually, I can walk fine... I can't Run the Run.


Coach said...

If I could, in detail, state the conversations and situations, like Tru Stories, during our walk/run, it would have been a great blog. The problem is that I can only blog once a year.

Unknown said...

Even sick I want to kiss that face.