Thursday, April 28, 2011

Goodness, Gracious....

Great Balls of Fire. There is not a boy amongst us, more Irish in appearance than Two. With his red hair, freckled face and blue eyes... Two represents his Irish Catholic clan, very well.
And per tradition,
he is an excellent big brother. Their 'official' babysitter. He is helpful with many church activities. (only sometimes, is that help 'encouraged' by his parents.) He is kind to his grand-parents and most importantly... he will run to the concession stand for his nieces
(when I am toooo chilled to get out of the van.)
Two is active in athletics. He has spunk, spirit and sass (Sweet description of an energetic boy, who sometimes gives his mother a teeny headache, when he kinda forgets to sorta follow some of the rules.)

As you enter your 'Seventeens'... I wish you:
A cute girlfriend, at least 2 interceptions and a touchdown, maybe some Homecoming Royalty, a tiny bit more maturity and a itty bitty less sass.
(um, maybe I wish that for your parents' birthdays!)
I wish you a great Last Summer of High school and a promising start to your future.
I believe you are More.
Happy Birthday, Two!!
With love.


Coach said...

Happy birthday #2

Flag Girl said...

Happy Birthday Two! Great picture! Enjoy your day!

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Happy Birthday, #2...I wish the 'electric car' was in the background.

The General said...

I agree Sweetbreads! This is a sweet picture, made even better knowing what has happening in the distant background.

Happy, happy birthday to you, Two!

Munchkin said...

I feel like the Mrs. might have been signed in under the General... either that or maybe Aunt G and the General need to have a talk

Happy Birthday Two!

Doc said...

Happy birthday #2!! Have a great day!! The picture is awesome..can that be used for senior pictures? love Clark, Doc, #4,#5,#8

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday #2. Dinner was great. We had GOOD company. Especially enjoyed the backwords Birthday song. They sure got us!!
Love, Gramma G