Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Part One.

Without question, the following exchange between my husband and his mother, was one of the very best moments, of the last year:

10:35pm. The Phone Rings. Coach answers.
It is his mother (Gramma).

Gramma: What game was it that you were playing blah blah blah and scored blah blah a gazillion points blah. Was that the game they asked you to play Varsity as a Freshman or was that the blah blah....?

Coach: I scored 42 pts at blah blah during my sophomore year the freshman game I scored blah blah a million points, during blah blah quarter...

(Conversation continues for several minutes..)

Gramma: Ok... me and dad were just having a debate about which game they blah blah Varsity blah blah... points scored... blah blah... you are so amazing blah... so glad you are my Superstar son blah blah...

Coach: I really AM amazing.. blah... call anytime to talk about my awesomeness!... blah... I remember every single basket, as if those moments were the greatest of my life.. blah.

I interrupt from the corner:
Why don't you ask you mother, to ask you...if you can remember on what evening, our garbage man picks up our garbage, on the same night each and every week.... I'll bet that detail, escapes your memory.

They laugh and giggle about how sarcastic I am!! Ha... your wife is amusing... but... she's no star like you.. but who is?.. blah. Thanks again for being born, son... you're our shining light... blah.. blah.

They hang up.

Coach re-enters the room:
Weird, of mom to be the one, to call about that.

Me: You know what's really weird? Usually, when a 66 year old parent calls a child's home after 10:35pm, on a week night... it's to tell them someone died.
NOT to discuss their high school basketball game.

You are a tru-ly amazing woman, who created and then gifted this world, six beautiful babies.  You give so much (too much) of yourself to helping and loving your family.  Each of the babies you raised, became such talented, kind and exceptional people.  (sure... maybe not as awesome as your youngest.. wink.. wink) but still... they have each become the very best parents,  know.  I'm honored to be in their company.  All of which, is a testament to you.
Thanks for sharing your baby with me.
Happy Mother's Day, Gramma.
We love you.


Coach said...

Happy Mother's Day! We really appreciate everything you do for us. You truly are a wonderful grandma.

The Mrs. said...

Happy Mother's Day, G! I hope your day out with your girls was a huge success!

Munchkin said...

Happy Mothers Day! I totally wrote happy birthday the first time, but caught it and then retyped it anyway!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tru Stories, we have amazing kids, grandkids, neices and nephews and of course all their spouses. They are easy to love. Yes the trip was successful. Spent money,ate, and had many laughs. Love you all. Gramma G

The Page Turner said...

Gramma G: Your child are a walking tribute to what an amazing Mother you are.
Glad you spent a Mother's Day celebrating you. You need to do it more!
Good idea Doc and Flag Girl!