Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Things I am not proud to admit.

After years of resistance, I found myself hooked on a 'Keeping Up with the Kardashian's marathon the other night.
This is my first time and I am not proud.
I realize this program is not real and the girls are spoiled brats with no redeeming qualities.
That said, I feel like the show has taught me a few valuable lessons.
#1. If you are going to date an athlete, find a Professional. They may be gone at practice longer, yet you miss them less in your 6 million dollar house.
#2. I think I should wear more black eyeliner. It seems to work for them.
#3. Large rear ends, are cool and should be embraced with very tight jeans.

Shopping list:
several tubes of eyeliner
tight jeans (oh wait, after the last 2 months, I already have plenty of those)

**I am also drawn to Bruce Jenner's face. What happened and can his wife not see that?
That other boyfriend is a very lucky tool. He hit the jackpot after pollinating that egg.


Andrea said...

i'm sure this will be no surprise, but I love the Kardashians. i only watched season 1, bc we cut cable, but it was good while it lasted.

Grammy said...

Because I have been off work for an extended family, I discovered the Kardashians yesterday. It was a marathon. The marathons always suck me in. After two shows I had to stop it was just too fake. Well back to my marathon Dog The Bounty Hunter....

The Mrs. said...

I am a total sucker for any reality television programming, but I had to draw the line at the Kardashians. Except for the wedding episode. No way I was going to miss that one!

flag girl said...

Well, I can't hide my closet watching of the Kardashians....since Tru Stories came over while I was watching it.....BUSTED.