Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Raise your hand if you hate Christmas Cards!

I had decided, I was not going to do Christmas cards this year. We are too busy, Coach is never around, our home is chaotic and I wanted to spend all our money on real Christmas portraits.
(PS- stay tuned for that post tomorrow evening.)
In the last two days, we have received eight cards in the mail. My guilt got to me and I decided..fine...FINE...I will do the dang cards. Ugh.
Of course, Coach had a game, which left this all up to me. About 3 seconds into the project, I regretted my decision. Before I even had the camera out, Tink was screaming she wanted lipstick (notice it all over her face), The Kid "DID NOT WANT TO DO HIS HAIR IF WE AREN'T EVEN GOING ANYWHERE", the Good One...well, she earned her name.
Here are a sneak peek at the out takes.
The final, is not much more posed.

(The one where, not one child looked at me.)

(The one where, Tink was just being herself and Coco realized how awesome the Tree was.)

(The one where, every child hates me simultaneously.)

(The one where, I HATE both her Uncles for teaching Tink to do that with her tongue. When can we hire the orthodontist??)

(The one where, everything is self explanatory. This pretty much sums up the entire experience.)

Merry Bleeping Christmas. I can't wait to spend a few hundred at the professionals tomorrow. And no Uncle Shooter and Uncle Warhol...I will not pay to print a 8x10, of Tink putting her tongue in the gap. Don't even ask.


Grammy said...

Very cute!

Andrea said...

i say no professionals & use the last one!

flag girl said...
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The Mrs. said...

The second picture of Tink is worthy of a card all by itself. Throw on a witty caption and you're good to go. That girl kills me.