Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sugar High, Much??

Following my very popular Chocolate Covered Oreo recipe post (I'm not on Paininmytrist but if I were, I'm sure that particular post circulated with all of the best mom craft ideas)... riding the sugar wave, I decided to really bake cookies (with the help of my girls) and then invite extra girlies over to decorate.
I was unprepared for the beating to my mom ego. (get it.. 'beating'... like beating the cookie batter??)
Coco was the first to cross lines. Taking a giant spoonful of the powdered ingredients and quickly shoving into her mouth. Then coughing and gagging out floured dust, as she exclaimed "Dem cookies don't taste berry good Mommy. Dos not good cookies!"
No duh, Coco... no duh.

I pulled out the electric mixer. Tink appeared puzzled "What is dat thing? I'b neber seen dat before?!" She sorta glanced towards the fridge, as if wondering where her mother's typical Christmas cookie preparation of break-off Tollhouse were hiding.

I gingerly (get it?? Like the ingredient??) located my grandmother's rolling pin. Excited to use this moment as an emotional history lesson for my daughters.
Me: This was my grandma's rolling pin. She used this to make thousands of cookies, in this very kitchen. Right on this same (unfortunately yellow) counter. With her daughters and then me.. and now we are making cookies, just like her.

Tink sorta deep sighed/eye rolled with boredom: Yeah... but now your grandmother is dead. She died. Jus like her husband. Now she is dead. And she doesn't make cookies cuz she's dead now. Jus like Grammy's mom and jus like my cat Rigby... right?

Me: ummmmm... yes, she died. But maybe she makes cookies in Heaven?!

Tink (Direct stare. Deep sigh.): Mom... she's jus dead. Jus like her husband.

So with that, I just finished making cookies. Quietly hoping, I wasn't such a Giant B when my mom and grandma tried to create happy Christmas cookie memories, with me as a child.

Decorating and cookie eating, went exceptionally well.

A close look at Joy's marsh mellow cookie snowman. Lil bit of sugar on top of sugar? Don't mind if I do...

So...This was a Semi-sweet holiday experience.
(get it? 'semi-sweet' chocolate chips??)


Munchkin said...

"such a giant B"


Tru Stories said...

Just look at her face in that last picture... It's like she was trying to make me cry about having no grandparents for Christmas.

Arizona said...

i have to agree, her face totally says that.

Unknown said...

She reminds me on a regular basis that my Mom and Dad are dead. She is not mean. She is just honest. In case I forget, she will remind me.
Her face say, I just made cookies with my Mom.
Get off her back!

Coach said...

The words that come out of our kids, and the stuff Coco puts in her mouth is out of control.

I used to be a Hooker said...

I'm feelIng much better about those Tollhouse breakoffs chillin in my fridge right now just waiting for our three minutes of mess-free family bonding.
Must be the age - trying to sort out the family tree. Em likes to get on that kick too. Baby daddy's parents are both gone and so is my mom so she's all very innocently repeating about how they died - over and over and over again. 'so they're dead, right? You're never going to see them again. Ever. Because they died and left you. Because they died and they're dead? Gone forever, right?' right. Makes me want to demand that she return that knife and salt shaker.

Unknown said...

Used to be a Hooker, so glad you have joined the comment section of the blog. You are a great addition.

Tru Stories said...

'knife and salt shaker'... that is some good stuff.

It sorta makes me nervous that Tink and Em, may really end up friends.

I used to be a Hooker said...

Thanks for the welcome. Figured out how to phone reply. We're in for a whole lot of blog material if Tink and Em pair up. Merry Christmas TruStories and family (and their many, many (hilarious) family members).