Tuesday, December 20, 2011

While visions of sugar plums.

I understand, she is pretty gross.
Yes, she licks tables, toys, people...
sometimes church pews or even the dog.
Maybe, I have caught her eating rocks
and/or dirt.

I suppose, you could say she HATES washing her face
or brushing her teeth.
Pony tails?? Ferget 'bout it.

All of that in consideration:

I still can NOT help but want to chew on her mouth.
Seriously. How pretty is she??
Especially, fast asleep.


Arizona said...

and those eyelashes! girls never get the pretty eyelashes!
she will have no problem getting by on her looks, even if she eats paint chips.

Unknown said...

She is a beauty. So she likes to taste things. Part of her uniqueness.

Coach said...

That is my all-time favorite Coco, asleep before ten.
p.s. My word verification was trottyl