Friday, December 30, 2011

The Very Best of 2011 #5-10.

This has been a pretty great year.
As I spent yesterday browsing the blog, I was left feeling full and amazed by how much I love my life. (Sure... I could use a new kitchen and a better pair of jeans) Still, I'm just plain Happy. (not the smiling, super friendly cheerleader-kinda 'Happy' ... more the totally content, Heart-Full kinda 'Happy')

Here are Ten of the MANY reasons Why:

5. My Tinkerbell.
This picture captures everything I love about my daughter. Her beautiful eyes, tiny perfect face, curls and mostly.. her touch of attitude. This year, Tink became a big-little girl. Running in her first race, attending school, losing TWO teeth! Talking and learning, loving her friends and cousins. It has been a gift, to love her for 5 whole years.

6. Having my Brother home for Christmas:

After a very difficult plight for my family, Uncle came home. Thus far, he seems much better. And more prepared for the future. Christmas Eve, we shared a very wonderful evening with him.... pink Barbies and all!! I am proud of him.

7. Summer with The Kid:
There is no child alive, who loves Summer more than The Kid. He loves being outside, playing in the dirt, swimming, spending Shelbyville weekend with his cousins. He eagerly anticipated our Summer Family Mondays and even managed a few impressive plays during an otherwise rough baseball season. The Kid, keeps us Summer young.

8. Me and The Warrior Dash:
Honestly, this race scared the heck out of me! But completing this race, gave me a pretty impressive confidence boost. Climbing up and over That One obstacle... felt amazing. Even though it took The General months to sorta forgive me, our story was easily one of my favorite memories of the year. And if he'll have me: I would love to hold his hand again, over a path of beaten down junk cars.

9. Coco and The Galway Girl's Show N Tell:
It's no secret our Coco is just a wee bit, uhhh... interesting, to say the least. She is full of sugar, spice and everything sometimes not so nice. But having her older cousin take her to Show N Tell, just to tell her class her baby cousin eats deodorant??? Priceless.

10. Our Relay Dance Performance:

Even though Coach TOTALLY threw my bouquet crazily in an obvious attempt to make himself look EVEN cooler... I love this video and could watch it a thousand times (and I nearly have). I love this family too much! I can not believe the crazy things they are willing to do. I appreciate their part in making my year, so amazing!

The Countdown continues, tomorrow.


Tru Stories said...

ummm... So I just watched the video AGAIN from my own blog AGAIN... and I nearly about cried over it's awesomeness.
Way to finish strong Munchkin.

Man... I love our Relay Dances.

The Mrs. said...

I'll admit it. The video gave me goosebumps. I also laughed out loud at least four times, mostly because I was having flashbacks to the practice sessions the day of Ditta's surprise party. Man, Coach does not demonstrate grace under fire well. Why isn't this dance getting national attention yet? It baffles me.

Coach said...

That day was unreal, all the lies and schedules almost put me over the edge. I also had zero help from Ditta's brother in law.

Anonymous said...

Sweetbreads is jaw dropping!

Anonymous said...

OMG Kissuphol, just marry her!

Unknown said...

You have a good life! Love the video!!