Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another KaRazy Tru Stories Game:

With our current DVR list including: American Horror Story, Once Upon a Time, Grimm and SVU... it's safe to admit, my TV viewing is starting to creep me out. None more than The Walking Dead.

I am honestly waking with nightmares. Specifically, the kind which play out like 'my neighborhood is being over-run with the infected walking dead, what items do I save from my house, which children can I carry... and can I keep up with my SuPer Fast Husband.'
A few nights ago, my nightmare literally contained all of the above fears, plus a new one. The premise:
We have safely escaped from our neighborhood.
We have called various friends/family.
We have met at a secure location with a bus.
We are set to drive south, to a large estate on a hill, currently untouched by zombies. Unfortunately, only 50 people will fit on the bus. In a frantic moment, I have to decide who can board the bus.

So here's the thought provoking Debate:
Out of EVERYONE you know, which 50 people would you choose to ride out the Great Zombie Plague on a beautiful southern estate. Please keep in mind:
You really HAVE to take your children and the children of your adult friends. (it would be tacky not too...)
It wouldn't hurt for your choices to be useful:

* Sure, Munchkin hates physical exertion. She can be kinda negative and she may refuse to board the bus when you decline a ticket to her dog: but the girl really is a doctor! Seriously. And having someone who can help with medication, might not be a bad idea.
* Doc. She's a nurse. She's in.
* Warhol? Uh... he can paint us out of a corner?
* Sure, EVERYONE would pick Coach. He's quick. Full of energy. Positive and annoyingly helpful. Duh, obvious choice. Then, you have to take our children.
* Me?? Well, I can garden. And um... I can write a blog?? Ok. Maybe, I'm not an obvious first choice.

Game On:
World is taken over by zombies.
You can save 50 people. Who's in.....?


Unknown said...

I know I'll make the cut. If you are taking your kids, you will need a sitter. Especially, if you are with your 50 fav people. You will want to have a party. But if you have to cut all adult men with pony tails out, I'll understand.

Tru Stories said...

Pony Tail Guy is not very fast to start with... and with an easy to grab pony tail flopping about... those Zombies would take him down quickly. Therefore, Pony Tail Guy wouldn't even make it to the bus, in the first place.
Coco has a better shot out-running the Waking Dead.

The Mrs. said...

I can't play this game because I'm too busy laughing at Page Turner's comment. You can tell she's your mother - she knows you too well.

Munchkin said...

kinda negative? don't be ridiculous, I'm completely negative

I love the dog

Anonymous said...

Worhol is the only breeder left....and is the mansion Dish or Directv?

Flag Girl said...

Prove it Worhol....

Tru Stories said...

Warhol: You're funny.

Flag Girl: You are even more funny.
You're in...

Unknown said...

If Worhol is coming and breeding you are going to need Grandma G too. I can't watch all the kids.

MelancholySmile said...

Wow, I've had the exact same dream. Probably because I've been watching that same lineup...

I plead the fifth when it comes to choosing 50. Besides, isn't it more fun to declare who you'd DEFINITELY shoot in the leg in order to save yourself from the zombie mob?

Doc said...

Thank You!

The Mrs. said...

The General stated that if he had to choose 50, he'd pick all women. You know, for repopulation of the world purposes and all that.

I'd shoot him myself before he'd ever make it on the bus if that was his intentions.

The General said...

Apparently The Mrs. doesn't want to be on my list.

On a side note, Flag Girl's comment made me uncomfortable.