Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dinner Conversation.

Set scene:
Calmly eating at the dinner table.
Coco is sorta gross (typical).
The Kid is blabbing, blabbing (typical).
I'm exhausted.
Tink is ignoring The Kid and adding her insight.

Suddenly Coach interrupts,
with his happy, smiley Coach voice:
Hey... is it weird that we are a family?

Me (eyeroll)

The Kid: What do you mean?

Coach: Is it weird to anyone that we are just a family? That I'm a Dad. I have a real job. That mom and I are married? That we have 3 kids.

Me: (deep sigh plus eyeroll)

The Kid (nervously): What are you talking about?

Coach: Is it just me then...? It's not weird to anyone else that we are grown with a family? That we are just eating dinner, like a family? No...? Just weird for me?

The Kid: What? Mom, why is he saying that?

Me: Because your Dad thinks he is young and sometimes it STILL surprises him that he is an adult.

Coach: I am still young. Isn't it just weird that we have 3 kids? Just sitting here eating dinner?

Coco (licks ranch dressing off her fingers)

Tink (totally ignores her father)

The Kid: Ohhhh... because Dad still acts 19??

Me: Maybe these are 30th birthday aftershocks.

Coach: Seriously... (he looks around)
It's not weird, we are married with 3 kids??


Arizona said...

I completely get you, Coach. I can't believe i own a house and have my only little creation running around.
it is weird.

Anonymous said...

Well could be me.

ct said...

coach is so intellectual?

he scares me.....

Coach said...

Sometimes I just wonder if I am really ready for all of this, not that it is bad, just wierd that I am responsible for so many things.
"Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handy

Tru Stories said...

Real nice...
I wonder how many more years of marriage, or children born, or homes purchased... before Coach wants to let me know if he's 'ready for all of this'...

Tru Stories said...

And before anyone worries, Coach and I are plenty happy.

Actually, I fully expect 30 years from now, for him to randomly blurt out in the car:
"Isn't it weird that we are married and have grandkids and stuff? Is it totally weird that I'm a grandpa??"

The Page Turner said...

Now I feel nervous!

Chili said...

Read comment #30 of the "Who would you Jack??" blog and you will know why it took so long for him wonder if he was ready! My word verification for this comment is:

The Mrs. said...

I totally get it, Coach. I had a very similar moment while floating in the splash park lazy river last summer. It was just like the movie Grownups minus all the funny SNL castoffs.

The mirror tells me I definitely am not, but my brain regularly tricks me into thinking I look exactly like I did at 17. It's an unfortunate cycle of disappointment when reality slaps me in the face.