Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Best of 2011 #2-4

2. Married Life:
Admittedly, 2011 presented us with challenges.
Poo in the crawlspace, the death of a family pet, a few days here and there when Coach totally annoyed me, busy schedules, crashing our vehicles together... What?!! Who did that?!!
Still... after review, we've had more Ups than Downs. Two great Cubs games with friends, hangin with celebs, wedding crashing, country road snake wrangling, becoming Warriors, True Blood Marathons, one sweet Mansion anniversary date.
AND our beautiful kids?? Too much goodness.
We are entering a New Year, extra pukey In-Like with each other (please don't let that be a jinx!!) and I am eager to see the smiles next year will bring us.

3. Na'orlens Baby.

Honestly, I will repeatedly write/exclaim
"I Love the Heck out of New Orleans!!"
Traveling to Louisiana for the second trip in two years?? Amazingly lucky! Traveling with a few of my favorite people??? Indescribably lucky.

Seriously guys, when are we going back?
Give me a date.... I'm ready.

4. Coach's Birthday Party:
Words are unnecessary. We have the best friends.

What is my Number One moment??


Coach said...

All great things and good times, Holla that. I think we all know, and I am sure, I have to be part of #1, right?

Unknown said...

I think I'm a part of #1. Me, TS, and a few of our close friends!

The Mrs. said...

I knew Number One when she first announced her countdown. It's a no brainer.