Thursday, December 22, 2011

She's funny.

My mom, sent me an email, this morning.
This is that email, in it's entirety:

Greatest joke on Bob & Tom this morning. A guy was talking about his family being from TN and how they are practically inbred. He said "I have a cousin who married her ex step-father.... I had a cousin that married someone, who was not her blood cousin but a cousin by marriage." Then he said
"We are not inbreds but we are buzzing the tower."

I don't get it...
Why would she send that to me??


Unknown said...

Ask your cousin, I mean Jeremy, to explain.

ct said...

good one page turner!!!! bahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Chili just bought a banjo....he could learn your family theme song. -myfamilytreehasbrancheshol