Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Birthday!

To our Princess Grace of Monaco,
You have become such a beautiful young lady. A little version of your pretty mother, except with the most gorgeous long Rapunzel hair eva!
Again, I feel I hardly know your best traits because you only grace me with a mini smile now and again... But if the way The Kid and your father boast about you, is a judge of your character: than you must be far beyond extraordinary!
The cousins have voted you the most hilarious, hands down.  They constantly surround you in a crowd of hysterical giggles.  My hope, is to have a chance to one day enjoy your humour! 

(The Kid took this lovely picture!)

I wish you many happy days.  Many loyal friends.  And I even wish you, many more opportunities to wear several different uniforms, in Raider purple (see... that's how much I love you!)
Happy Birthday, Princess.
All our lovin- 

(Please remember.. the big kids check their bday Comment section!)


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Princess Grace! Wow, you are growing up!! Have a great day.

The Bride said...


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday grace! And it is tru, she is HILARIOUS!
The Kid

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! worhol

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Little Lady in the pretty dress!

Love ya....Aunt Jen...er..Flaggirl

Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Happy Birthday!
Aunt Sweetbreads

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little Doc. We need to talk. Out of school? Hope your slumber party was great! Love, Gramma G

Coach said...

Happy birthday!! I remember when just getting a few words out of you was amazing... oh ya, I guess that still applies. holla.