Friday, June 7, 2013

Flip the Page, on to Your Next Chapter....

This picture, is one of my most favorite pictures of just me.  Not particularly because of 'me' but because I love everything about the feeling of this picture.  Coach took this on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.  Just the two of us, were strolling on a beautiful morning.  This picture, represents one of my most Happy Places.

Today, my mom is retiring from State Farm.  After many combined years working in insurance.  By the end of this month, she will be opening a new family friendly candy store named Coco's...
This past weekend, we celebrated her birthday by helping paint the inside and outside of her new shop.  The color palate, inspired by my New Orleans picture.

When we were growing up, our home was definitely our Happy Place.  We were a Home kinda family.  We always had friends over.  We would have family movie nights.  Family pizza nights.  Celebrated New Year's with game nights, just the four of us.  We had quiet Christmases at home.  Quiet Saturday morning cartoon and doughnut weekends.  Our home was safe, quiet, relaxing and full of love.  A very Happy Place.
Sadly today, my mother's home is less happy.  It is so difficult with my brother's illness, to predict the mood of the home.  Some days, he may be happy and calm.  Other days, he may be unable to sleep, unable to relax, anxious or angry.  Increasingly, the long commute to work coupled by the unrest at home, has taken a tremendous toll on my mother.
She enjoys her friends at State Farm.  She has met amazing people, especially women, who have also crossed over into my life.  I know there have been many times, those friendships have helped to make her work place, a happy escape for my mother.  And I am grateful for them, for that.
But it is time, for her to return to her home town.
It is time for her to relax.
To enjoy more quiet mornings. To take more long and winding walks with her very excited grandchildren. 

Most of all, I wish so very much that Coco's Sweet Shop, will become a tremendous emotional success for her.  I hope children, will enjoy chatting with our Grammy, as they select a sweet snack.  I hope her little shop, brings a little fudge slice of joy to our town.
And I pray, her shop becomes her new Happy Place.
All my love, mom.
I wish you the very best on your next chapter.


Kori said...

Congrats on your retirement, Jane!! and best of luck with your new candy shop! So excited to hear this! =)

arizona said...

i cannot wait to bring my boys to Coco's. not just in a few weeks, but everytime we return home.

Anonymous said...

The shop WILL be her new happy place. We are all so excited for her. She's an amazing woman.

Coach said...

congratulations on your retirement and the start of your new adventure. I am sure everything will awesome. I also think I am gonna gain a few extra pounds being so close to Coco's.

Anonymous said...

Thanks TS. As always you have written an eloquent post. I am really excited for this adventure.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Coach, everything WILL awesome, good luck, I love the start of our little NOLA. Worhol