Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The First Half of May:

in a photographic nut shell.
Just a few days before our May 6th wedding anniversary... The Kid and I were traveling on the highway and got a flat tire.  Luckily, I was able to slowly pull over to a station and call Coach to help. (I'm too old to change tires...)
Grandpa was ironically nearby and stopped to observe the progress.  No better way to spend a sunny afternoon.  Quality family time.

Soooo... guess what I got for my anniversary?!! 
4 bright spankin new tires.
And a thinga magig also needed to be replaced.
Without gifts.... did we spend the day, whispering sweet nothins and basking in our love?? Not exactly.  We were cheering and basking in the glow of The Kid's All Area County Track Meet.
Our 5th grade son, placed in the Top 6 for the entire County in the 7th Grade 200 dash.  Romantic? No.  Awesome? Yes.

Am I a woman scorned, who wishes her husband did a better job of wooing his wife?? I should be, except the following greeting card was my only gift to Coach:

 Obviously, neither of us are Romeo or Juliet..

Next, we stalked Jumbo Joe and The Cute Girl, on their Prom day.  They are too much together.  Coco was star struck by The Cute Girl's sparkle.

Only 3 days into this week,
and Coach has chaperoned one trip to the zoo.
And I another trip to a State Park.
Not to mention, a recent diagnoses of strep throat to both our girls.  A baseball game and a Sports Banquet... and it's only Wednesday.

(Awkward moment captured on film, Coach was holding Tink's hand... Jackie was holding Owl's hand... and then Tink and Owl began holding hands: End result. Jackie and Coach appearing to be a married couple with daughters... Funny.)

The Kid and his buddies... you'll recognize The Kid as the 57 year old woman with the sweatshirt wrapped around his waist like it's 1993...
If you think the first half of May looks busy,
You have NO idea.
The second half??
Birthdays, parties, birthdays, weddings, parties, dinners... and many end of school activities. 
It's getting KaRazy up in heer.


I used to be a Hooker said...

It could be worse. He could be wearing a fanny pack.

Unknown said...

I am not taking the blame for the sweatshirt. Not everything he does is my fault!

Munchkin said...

I literally L'd OL at the sweatshirt part

Anonymous said...

I did too Munchkin!! I also agree with I used to be a hoooker!

the not so pregnant lady :)