Monday, May 20, 2013

Sweetbreads in Wrigleyville.

While waiting to find even 10 quiet minutes to compose my poor ignored baby's birthday post... I will appease the crowd (aka Mrs.) with a photo recap of Sweetbreads Bachelorette Party.
We took a large group to Wrigleyville for the afternoon. And I sent 3 teams off for a scavenger hunt (cuz that's what I do...)
Here are a few of the adventures (mostly from the Calmer Slightly Older-ish Lady Team)

 The whole group.  Before.

 (Doc under Clark. Funny stuff. Except, maybe not for her brothers....)


 And NO... You are not allowed to stand on the statue.. We found that out very quickly.

 On a Bike Carriage ride for Two.
Ohhh... Flag Girl...

 The Whole Group. Much later.

The Bachelorette... I'm pretty sure everyone needs a bright Cubbie blue Tutu. Why wouldn't you??


Anonymous said...

I feel we were much tamer, accept maybe the arm wrestling contest in Marseilles....groomhol

I used to be a Hooker said...

Why would you think that?? (I just finally regenerated enough brain cells to form that question ...)

Coach said...

Good times...