Sunday, May 5, 2013

Springfest 2013

Yesterday, we held our 3rd Annual Springfest.
I wish I had a thousand pictures from the very successful day, to high lite the many great moments but I was much too busy finding acts, chasing kids, manning the microphone and so on, to snap pics.  Trust me, each year is becoming more amazing than the year before:
 A couple snaps from the Children's Yoga Demo, courtesy of my BlacKbird yoga sTudio's mini yogis.

Coco getting an autograph from Alexandra Lee, a real-life Nashville recording artist, born and raised in our little town!  Very exciting inspiration for our aspiring star. (although Coco is WAY more rock than country.)

Afternoon chillin music from our Fav Band:
The Teacher and Chili D.

Thankfully, I happen to race by, just as my nephew Jumbo Joe and his Cute Girl, posed for maybe the best picture eva!  Beyond Top Gun adorable.

Wonderful Day.
Thanks to the planning of so many people: Bird, The Bride's Baby Daddy, Jackie, Conman painting (and more!)... And especially The Commish, I Used to be a Hooker, moi-self and Grammy.  Amazing job!!


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyable day. Thanks to all who helped plan it. A lot of work and coordination goes into it. You all did an awesome job!!Gramma G

Unknown said...

In my mind I was going to get to sit in a chair and enjoy my favorite duo. Did not happen. Listened from a distance. Great, exhausting day. In about two more days maybe I will recover from it.

Bird said...

My kids have found their way into your blog. Check out them out behind Jumbo Joe and the Cute Girl.