Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Baby is Four

On Saturday, my baby turned Four. 
And while our life has been in a constant whirlwind of events, activities and frenzied schedules... I've been quietly contemplating of her birthday post.  Because honestly, there are no words to describe my Coco.  She is beyond the written word.
Obviously, the entire blog population is familiar with Coco's more obvious character traits... She is 'full of everything'.  Full of spunk, glitter and glam.  She is full of volume, of expression and flair. 

She is a walking talking acting class muse. 
Coco smiles large.  She'll wink you happy or glare you uncomfortable.  She may run and leap into your arms or blatantly ignore you to suit her fancy.  She'll knock out her hip or dramatically speak with her hands to emphasize her point and engage your attention. 

Coco looks exactly as I had dreamed her.  Like a smaller version of myself... if perhaps, a story book fairy had waved her wand and made each of my traits more sparkly, more exceptional and more captivating.

Because her personality is larger than life, it is easy to miss that Coco is actually very dainty.  Though beyond her petite legs and adorable face, there is nothing small about her.  She is completely unabashed and unapologetic.  She demands the attention at every occasion and craves a crowd of admirers.  She is the self-appointed lead singer of her solo rock band.
Without question, Coco's most endearing quality, is inherited from her Daddy.  Coco loves equally with fierce unwavering loyalty.  She enters a room with an infectious bright light and shines that light around her.  While she demands attention, she will also pay that attention back to you.  Every person is her Favorite.  Each of us, credit her for lifting our spirits and warming our insides with her Coco-goodness.

Coco, very well may be the death of me.  She is trying my patience, with the conviction of a teenager.  Outfit choosing, hair brushing, clothes shopping have already become activities I dread.  I am completely missing the cheer leading gene, while Coco's is a mutated super gene, completely foreign to me.  She has declared pig tails 'over and done'.   She would gladly prance to the local grocery on a Tuesday afternoon, in full Gypsy dress attire.  There will never be too much sparkle or two many sequence.  If Tink is my carefree, dancing to her own bongo drummer hippie chick... Coco is a 1957 Georgia Belle Debutant.

If I were to utter that infamous mommy line "If so-n-so jumped off a cliff, would you REALLY jump off to follow her..??" Coco would respond without a blink of hesitation "No because I would have jumped first."
Coco may be my last baby but she will never come in last again.  She will be noticed.  She will not be forgotten.  And that's just fine by me.

My Sweet Coco-
Never lose your sequenced flair.
Twirl a random Gypsy skirt, anytime you please.
Remain completely indescribable.
Always stay as golden as your daddy and as strong as your mother. You are the best thing, to ever result from my stubborn streak.
All my love-


Anonymous said...

That dress looks awesome on her. Coco is great at flair. Love the little drama queen so much.

Anonymous said...

Unlike her Daddy she will knock her bff on her butt if she crosses her. Grammy

Anonymous said...

Man you can create an image with words! Whol

Coach said...

Amazing.... I can't belive how big my Sweetness is, and how madly in love with her I am.

Arizona said...

happy birthday, coco! she has all the traits of baby of the family. she gets that from me.