Monday, May 27, 2013

Sweetbreads and Warhol Marry...

If you have been a long time blog follower, you have watched so much of their courtship.  They are like our very own Ross/Rachel or Jim/Pam! Of course, we were all honored to share their engagement.  And Sunday evening, in a glorious break from the rain, they became husband and wife!
The Kid walking Gramma down the aisle.

 Coach and his VERY tall and beautiful bridesmaid, Sweetbreads' sister.

Handsome Coach. 
 Cute Quincy.
 Galway Girl, pretty in pink.

 Sweetbreads loving her groom.

You may kiss the gorgeous Bride!

 The Flower Girls.  So cute.

 Coco, unable to resist throwing up her Rock On!

 Coach's beautiful siblings.  Gramma and Grandpa, job well done..

 Warhol and his 'babies'.
That version of the brothers is nice...
But this one with The Commish, may be the best picture ever taken... it's probably gonna be the version we print... Totally one of his expressions.

Congratulations Sweetbreads and Warhol.
I wish you MANY many years of wedded bliss.
Keep laughing together.
Always hold hands.
And enjoy the small stuff.
Love you both.

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