Thursday, June 7, 2012

This morning, at Bible School:

We are in the Art room and I am helping Coco start her project.  She is standing, bored and not wanting to work on her craft.
Just then, Father Rickey walks into the room.
Coco turns, bumps out her one hip, lifts her eyebrow and looks with a (well well what have we got here...?) expression and loudly says to me:
"Hey... what's Jesus doing IN HERE??!"

What I love, is NOT that Coco thinks Father is Jesus but that Jesus obviously does not impress her all that much... and clearly DOES NOT belong in the Art Room. (per her opinion).

Maybe with Coco, Father should consider a little less friendly kindness and a little more ol' fashioned Catholic Honor Thy Fire and Brimstone.... if he wants to win any celebrity influence over her.


Sweetbreads Bailey said...


The Mrs. said...

She may be a mess, but at least she's funny.

The Page Turner said...

Take a few minutes. Think Coco at 13, 14, 17...... Scared!

Galaway girl said...

Hilarious , I think you should tell her who he is when she 15 she'll still call him that

Galaway girl said...