Friday, March 2, 2012

A New Lame Listing Game... Celebrity Friends Edition.

Ok, I'm making a list of celebrities I most want to be my BFF (if my husband wasn't already.. puke.) Anyway, I'm looking for your List of Celebrities you most want to pass your Friday Evening with.

Now- I am NOT asking for the list of celebrities you most want to Meet. Do not list Oprah or Tom Cruise. I am looking for a list of celebrities you could really hang with. Just a Friday evening. At your house. Couple drinks on the table, little Old School on TV in the background. Maybe some 1990's Jams floating. Wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. If things get really crazy... you pull out some Catch Phrase.

So... Which celebrity would be invited over. Who will laugh at your jokes. Think your other friends are cool. Maybe spontaneously break into a Michael Jackson Dirty Diana dance routine... you get the idea. (remember: just because a comedian is funny in a movie, does not make them FUN in real life.)

Also- Use the term 'celebrity' loosely.

My List:

1. Jimmy Fallon
2. Pauly D
3. Justin Timberlake
4. Maya Rudolph
5. Will Smith
6. Ellen DeGeneres
7. Tom Hanks
8. Kate Hudson
9. Dane Cook
10. Amy Poehler, Kristin Wiig or Julia Roberts (Tie)

Ok... Give it to me, your list:


Unknown said...

Oprah is not on your list.

Tru Stories said...

No. She is not.
This is a list of celebrities I most want to hang with on a Friday evening. Oprah is amazing... but probably not that fun at a house party.

The Mrs. said...

1. Reese Witherspoon (because in some way I believe we are kindred spirits)

2. Will Ferrel (because he makes me laugh every time he speaks)

3. Jessica Simpson (because I find her charming in a very dumb blonde kind of way)

4. Chelsea Handler (because sarcastic people make me laugh and I bet she has some really good "One time when I was drunk..." stories)

5. I will second Pauly D, Ellen and/or Jimmy because when they giggle, I giggle. People with contagious laughter are my favorite kind of people to be around.

6. Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck (because I think they are a super cute, down to Earth couple and their kids would keep our kids entertained).

7. Jennifer Aniston (because she seems like she's genuinely kind and a faithful friend)

Stay tuned for additional invitees...

Tru Stories said...

I seriously considered #1 , 4, 6 and 7 as well.

Unknown said...

1. Oprah (because she can be funny)
2. Julia Roberts
3. Sandra Bullock
4. Goldie Hawn
5. Ellen Degeneres
6. Portia Degeneres
To Be Continued

The General said...

Vince Vaughn & Christopher Walken. Mostly because I want to sit around and listen to them tell the stories.

Coach said...

This is in no particular order:
-Jimmy Fallon
-Kid Rock
-Vince Vaghn
-Owen Wilson
-Minka Kelly
-Jessica Alba
-Jonah Hill
-Seth Rogen
I will be back.

Tru Stories said...

I think someone at Coach's party is gonna end up arrested.
some marriages might end.

Anonymous said...

1.George W
2.Kid Rock
3.William Shatner
4.Daniel Tosh
5.Conan Obrian
and 6. Dane Cook (so I can pretend to be his friend and when I gain his trust,push him down the stairs...that would be the funniest he gets) -guess who

I used to be a Hooker said...

Oh I have a lot of repeats.
1. Sandra Bullock
2. Jennifer Aniston
3. Chelsea Handler
4. Ralphie May
5. Matthew McConaughey
6. Kate Hudson
7. Stevie Nicks
We can't hang out at my house though. Someone might drop a fat bag somewhere and then we'd all go to jail.

Unknown said...

I was going to put Willie Nelson on my list but did not think Oprah would like Willie being stoned.

Stephanie said...

1.Jennifer Aniston
2.Jonah Hill
3.Seth Rogen
4.Jason Segal
5.Chelsea Handler

Some Fridays you just need a really good laugh....especially after a stressful week at work!