Saturday, March 3, 2012

Potty Training is for Suckers.

Despite my very best efforts to block her attempts... Coco has potty trained herself. Literally, all by HERself. I honestly tried to force her to put on pull-ups.. to just wait til Easter, her birthday, anything. She stubbornly defied me at every opportunity. Hiding in her room, yanking off pull-ups and putting on panties. Going potty in the dark, when I refused to turn on the light. Waking in the morning and walking her own tired body to the bathroom.
Ok.. I'm sure you are thinking this is just Me, being sarcastic and overly dramatic.. except No. This is factual. This is a Tru Story.
I do NOT potty train kids early.
I am NOT a fan.
I do NOT encourage or push children to train before their 3rd birthday. This is not a lame attempt for a mother to hang onto her baby, for just a few months longer. I accepted long ago, Coco is no baby. She is racing to become a Big Kid.
So ... why won't I train her?
We'll circle back to this.

First, you just saw an adorable pic of my girl sleeping. Calm. Sweet. Quiet. Let's look a bit closer:
You'll notice a ratty spot just above her cute pony. A messy sticky knot. Last night, Coco somehow managed to get a sucker stuck near the top of her head. (I know!! I should have snapped a pic for blog purposes... except Coco was UGLY mean about her sucker being ruined, practically yanking clumps of hair out, trying to rescue her candy.) Today, the knot was totally unbrushable.

This morning, while racing around trying to get my mad house out the door to The Kid's basketball game (PS- Best Game he has EVA played!!) I told Coco to run back to the bathroom. My exact words:
"Run and go potty and then I'm going to try and get that messy hair into a pony."

Several minutes later, I'm waiting to finish her hair. I venture into the bathroom to see what was holding Coco up. Sadly, I discovered the delay.
Coco was putting her fingers, gently into the toilet, wetting her hands just soooo... and then carefully wetting down her messy hair, perfectly.
Fortunately, she HAD flushed first.
She's not dumb, just gross.

This, is why I refused to potty train Coco.
I've always known,
She just wasn't ready for the Power.

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Unknown said...

One of the many things I love about Coco is that she wants to be a Fairy Princess. In her head she is. Fixing her hair, just sooo. Unfortunately, in reality, she is a mess. Complete, gross, mess.