Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Highest Possible Compliment.

One evening, I was with Warhol, when a man came up and started blabbing on and on about what an amazing man Warhol's father was. The group unanimously agreed that Grandpa was easily the 'best man alive'... 'no one else like him'...'he is as good as it gets'
The men continued to chat back and forth. Shooting the shiz and all that jazz. Sharing various stories of Grandpa's kindness, his giant infectious laugh, his willingness to do ANYTHING for ANYBODY. For a moment, I was bored with the course of this conversation, as I have easily heard the same, a thousand times before. Without question, these are completely Factual Statements. Nothing new.
Then... ALSO per usual, the conversation turned onto a familiar path: 'actually, your whole family is amazing. Your brothers, your sisters... you are all great people. The best people'
Again.. yada yada, heard this before...
Except I will never forget overhearing Warhol respond: Yeah... thanks... we try to be... but Coach, is really the best of Dad. If any of us, are the most like Dad, it's probably Coach.
And I thought: Wow.
And when I told Coach, he thought: Wow.
Of all the amazing things Coach has done: he honestly could not be paid a greater compliment, from his eldest sibling. To even be a portion, of the Best of Grandpa... is a pretty awesome accomplishment.

I am proud to be married to your son.
I am honored, to be the wife of a man, almost as good as you. It is a genuine pleasure being a part of your family and to have my children share your name.
You are a good man. A great man.
Honestly, one of a kind.
Happy Birthday, I wish you MANY MANY more.
Life is a better place, with you around. We are all better people, for the opportunity to bask in the glow of your brilliant light. The people of this town, of this family, gravitate towards the direction of your shine.

PS- Grandpa's not always sugar and honey.
One evening while he was babysitting, I got a text from him which read only this:
How bout. Next time we buy 2 tinkerbell bowls

Good stuff.


The Mrs. said...

Happy birthday, Art! I hope you saved that text message, Tru Stories. That was is a classic!

Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dad, I spent all day with you not knowing the date.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Many more!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!! I hope you had a great day!!

you can call me al said...

Happy Birthday! Here's hoping you can celebrate all weekend!

ct said...

happy birthday art!!!!! he is a pretty great guy! one of the most laid back guys i have ever met! always been one of my favorites! :)

chris todd

Flag Girl said...

Happy Birthday Dad! One of a kind!

Doc said...

Happy birthday Dad! I hope you were able to squeeze in "10" before your night out! I was!! Love you!

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day!

The General said...

Happy Birthday!

Coach said...

Happy Birthday, thanks for always being my best fan. I know you have had to log a lot of extra miles over the years. "Its like throwing laundry in a laundry basket."