Friday, March 16, 2012

Officially 600 Posts later and Everything is still a Tru Story.

You'll remember the infamous Warhol birthday post, when I quickly replaced his post with a cute number on my children. Thankfully, I learned a lesson from the near constant sarcastic reminders because NEVER have I wanted to yank birthday glory more quickly... than from Grandpa, last night.

At approximately 9:00ishpm last night, I had settled my girls snuggled under blankets, sleepy.. in jammies... in front of a movie. Quietly, I sneaked to the other room to put the finishing touches on Grandpa's post.
Not much later, Tink sauntered into the room. Proudly smiling: Well mom, what do ya think??
Me: About what?
Tink: We jus gabe new haircuts.
Me (horror): WHAT?? Who gave haircuts??!!

Nearly dropping the laptop, I raced to find this:

And then this:

And after Coco turned, I found this:

My first reaction: Coco looks like Hill People.
Tink, had actually cut some pretty cute long bangs and curly layers. She still needs a trim to reorganize the frame of her face... but Coco?? We emergency called a stylist at 9:30pm.
Except here is the kicker...
The girls totally love what they done.
As I yelled, questioned, threatened, placed them in double time-outs... they both just sorta shoulder shrugged, extremely proud of their work.
Coco was actually finger to cheek confused by my yelling... almost eye rolling to Tink. Tink woke up today, all psyched for her new bangs.

Very first thing this morning, Jodi made a special trip, to a mother lookin for a miracle... though I was pretty realistic. Jodi may cut a cute head but she can't grow hair, in a glaring bald spot.

Honestly, I'm not too upset.
I don't mind short cuts on little girls.
I wanted it shorter for summer.
Maybe... not bald spot short... maybe not a couple weeks before Easter or Birthday pictures... but she is seriously rockin this look. The more sweaty she got this afternoon, the cuter it curled in back.
She thinks she is adorable.
Watch out Halle Berry.
This girl is stealing your pixie groove...

But her Dad sorta mentioned, he'd like her dressed in girlie colors for the next couple months. Don't think that will be a problem...


Coach said...

The first thing out of Coco's mouth this morning was that she was going to have short hair like daddy. I normally would like to be there when she gets her ears pierced but I think if I can't make it this time it will be fine.

Unknown said...

Coco's confidence cannot be shaken. I exclaimed, What happened to your beautiful hair? I cut it. It's short now.
I said you look like a boy. I not a boy, I a gurl. Smiling. Happy as can be.
She thinks she is adorable!! I'm not a fan of really short hair on little girls (flashback to my pixie days). I will say, Coco is cute as can be!!

Doc said...

We like the new style!!!!!!You look adorable:)
Bondie & Doc

Tru Stories said...

I actually really like it.
I could do without the bald spot.
And maybe just half inch longer but it looks super cute on her.

We asked if she wanted earrings.. but when we walked towards the store, she calmly said "No. Not today. I'n not big enough."

Tink's 'fix-it' cut is today...

The Mrs. said...

I love it. She looks adorable! We had to go with an extreme pixie cut on Punkin due to her hair pulling phase, and although I was nearly sick to my stomach at first I grew to love it as it grew out just a little bit. She has asked repeatedly to have her hair like that again, and I just might have been convinced. Clearly Coco and Tink are just showing the early signs of someday taking over the family business!

Anonymous said...

Her "summer cut" is just as cute as can be. Her curls are adorable in that 80 degree weather. You don't really notice the bald spot at first, until she points to her magnificent cut. She is soooo proud! Love it, Gramma G

ct said...

TOO funny!!!!