Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cupcake Panties

As I had admitted, my past birthday nagged at me a bit. And possibly, one person in particular has fueled my insecurity, with a nasty tongue. (no... not Warhol) A much smaller, meaner little brat.

For example, let's just say This Person may have recently mentioned my hands were old because
'my bainds were bumping out of my skin'.

Or... This Person casually dropped a drive by bullet by asking if when she's old like me 'will she habe lots and lots of freckles all ober her skin?'.

Maybe I jokingly mentioned after spying This Person in cupcake panties, that I was going to pinch her tiny bottom... to which she may have replied 'Den I will pinch your big bottom because butts get really bigger when girls get old.'.

And the real kicker, maybe while standing in line for a water slide at the Wisconsin Dells, I held hands with This Person, smiling inside at this precious moment with my family. Happy, my Five Family was spending one more morning running up and down the slides together. Barely noticing, This Person was shaking my hand back and forth. Finally... I asked This Person why she kept moving my hand. She answered and POINTED 'I'm making your arm up dere shake'.

So that's just fine. This person can help plummet my self esteem... she's super cute and I will try to pray for her that life doesn't knocked her precious tiny bottom off the Perfectly Pretty Pedestal her Daddy perched her on top of. Hopefully This Person's mother doesn't age to be a bitter old woman, who may trip upon a grumpy day and just maybe mention when her teeny little bottom aint so teeny, anymore. They don't make pink Cupcake Panties in adult size, for a reason.
She's fun.
I guess, it wasn't enough anymore,
for my brown eyes to repulse her.


ct said...

CRACK me up!!!! Drew just asked me the other day if they they used rocks to drill with back in the old times when i was born.......i love that they have NO concept of least that is what i'm blaming it on! ;)


Unknown said...

Good thing she is perfect and will always remain perfect.
I used to have a perfect daughter. She got old......