Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Five Family Monday

As we kick off the massive remodeling of our new space... we (me) decided we needed one afternoon of Family Time. We began with a screening of The Lorax movie. Coco was so excited to be in the 'big mobie theader' she kept turning with a huge excited smile, to spastically kiss my arm, as a thank-you. The movie was actually pretty good... I could have skipped the 20 minutes of previews...

Next we stopped at the shoe store to pick up new summer kicks for the two big kids. We had planned on new Addidas for the baby, til we measured the baby's feet and discovered she is less than one size smaller than her big sista. So Coco will be snagging Tink's oldies, which didn't get too worn this winter (hard to scuff a shoe, snuggled under a blankie.)

Last: I plan on offering a weekly Children's Yoga Class, at the new Studio. Full of great ideas to offer relaxation to the young masses of our town... and encourage their path towards a 'Greener' life style. I've given my daughters a little Earthie project to create.
The First step? Hobby Lobby.

As we gathered in the check-out line, I noticed Coco had acquired a price tag.

I'm not sure if this was accidental. I hope she didn't assign herself a worth of $3.99 ... Given the day, she can certainly lower her stock with a grumpy little attitude or a dirty counter lick.
But I still hope she realizes her value is much, much more. At least maybe $14.98 give or take.

We returned home and Coach headed to the studio to work (I assume this will be nightly for weeks) while the kids and I started painting our project.
Look CT!! Two months later I'm doing another craft with my children!! Except unable to find an appropriate smock, I opted for the Lazy Route and we did some topless painting (we... meaning just the girls). If I were a Pinterest follower, I would guess they probably don't recommend Topless Painting Projects. But this house likes to keep it realz.

Final Project Reveal still days away.
It will be an enchanted treat for my little yogis.
Five Family Monday... successful.


Unknown said...

Super Mom! Topless Painting. Those two words could get your blog some additional, disappointed hits.

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to teach that class if you have any open evenings at the shop. -Iamworhol

Tru Stories said...

Warhol let me just get a couple details for the New Yoga Studio flier...

Topless Painting Projects MWF 9:00-10:15pm

No Art experience required.
Ages 20-28ish preferable.
Pre-nursing chest encouraged.
Most art supplies provided.

Cost per session $7
** Monetary Discount for women between 110-133 1/2 lbs.

Please leave cameras or Iphones turned off and in your purse.


Is that about right??

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I think your new studio is really going to take off.

Coach said...

This is getting weird, I am not sure about this conversation. What kind of rent are we looking at here.