Monday, March 19, 2012

So, it Turns out... Remodeling a building is not so easy...

Coach and his awesome (not very well-paid) construction crew have really started logging some serious hard-core hours up at the new place. At this current stage of the process, I'm not a big help actually within the Work Zone.
Shockingly my health does not respond too kindly to scraping off dirty several decades worth of flaking paint or tearing down old walls.
Therefore, someone has to take care of our three children and provide them with some type of normal life, while Coach is clocking MANY long hours at the new studio. Our children, love them some Daddy and the good-nights are getting a little long and lonely.
Am I feeling guilty about all of the hard work Coach and his family are putting into MY studio...???
Duh, YES!! to say the very least.
Dang... I am even forcing kids to work!

I've have been doing my best, to be a good ol' fashioned farm wife: washing Coach's very dirty clothes, baking cookies to drop off, checking to make sure he has eaten, picking up his chores around the house. Friday, we ordered our Lent Casey's Cheese Pizza and had a quick 15 minute picnic dinner on the new studio steps. (which was the only time, the kids saw Daddy that day).

(PS- The pictures are not out of focus, that is all the old plaster dust Doc is power blasting around.)

So I exclaimed to my mother "Ugh... this is getting hard on the kids. They really miss Coach and I am burning out as a single parent. If we had any extra money, I would take them on Spring Break, just to give them something happy to do and free up Coach."
And then... Grammy started thinking about it.
Cuz I guess, she DOES have extra money.

She called this morning: Game on.
We are packing up the kids, throwing them into the van and driving down to Savannah, Georgia. Now, I'm sure you may be thinking: 'Seriously, Coach married himself a selfish B, for realz!! He's working his tail off and she's going on vacation!!'
The answer would again be: Yes, I am feeling guilty about this, as well. But trust me... 6 days with 5 children, on the road, changing out of swim suits, checking into hotels, making sure Coco doesn't eat the sand or shells or marine life... I'm sorta working too. It's just in a much prettier location.

And I could probably mention, while Coach IS really tired. And Coach IS kinda stressed. And Coach DOES have a few sore muscles... he is also having a pretty alright time with his Construction Crew. They apparently seem to think they are EVEN MORE funny within a Work Zone. (If that was possible.)
When you are throwing around phrases like: Does this measure bigger than that? or Where is a stud?
Add in major power tools.
Plus chatting about what is sweating the most, recent episodes of the Walking Dead and new Doritos Tacos... it's not such a bad time up there.

I appreciate the Crew, more than I can describe.
There are NO words.

Now... I need to pack 4 people in 19 hours...


Unknown said...

Yep, we are going to Savannah. I do what I can to help my family.

The Mrs. said...

If our spring breaks coincided you'd totally take the wife and children of a member of your construction crew, right? I mean, you have that new van to haul the extra people, and Shortcake would really be like a built in babysitter...

Munchkin said...

five kids?

Coach said...

Who is really on vacation?