Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How can Someone so Tiny and Cute... Be so Old and Big??

We were delighted to be informed a few weeks ago, of an opening at the everyday preschool. We decided to start Tink, the first day after Spring Break. (and then we spontaneously dashed down to Georgia.. because we like to keep life utterly exhausting.)
Monday, Tink JUMPED out of bed. Thrilled to choose one of her many new school outfits. We passed the morning hour exchanging excited pleasantries. For example, Tink announcing she was a Big Kid now and her mother begging her to get tiny and squeeze back into my belly, forever. She declined.
We snapped the customary First Day pics..
(please ignore the forest growing behind Tink, the Gardener has been otherwise occupied.)

One backpack larger than actual student? Check.

Tink RACED her tiny legs into the (seriously too big for her) grade school. Dressed in rain boots... of course. There were a few clouds... somewhere.

Class was eager to start, I quickly snapped this picture (how cute are the new bangs??!) She had a moment where she looked a little nervous... my heart squeezed tight. She sat at her new seat.
I turned.

And just like that, Coach walked out of the building. Beside one crying mother... as he carried one crying Coco, reaching out for her sista.
Coco and her mommy, do not like Tinkerbells to grow.
Then yesterday, I registered Tink for Kindergarten.
May as well be Jr High.
If I were a girl to type dorky colon sad faces...
please insert that here:


Unknown said...

There might not be crying in baseball. There is crying in mothering. Even when they promise to be our Tiny Tinks forever, they never do.........

The Mrs. said...

How exciting for Tink but seriously, who is the cute girl you have posted pictures of in this post? That grown up girl is not our little Tink. No way, no how.

Also, that lost picture of the individual you claim is your oldest daughter? Resembles her older cousin Galaway Girl. Crazy!

Kori said...

Owen told me about their new student. How exciting for her! He said, "I told her Hi, but she wouldn't talk to me"! lol She will like the class, their teacher is really nice! =)

Tru Stories said...

Tink is super old now.
She's big.
You don't even know her.
Miss you.