Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Enchanted Girlie Adventure Walk

In an effort to keep the children occupied and oblivious to their father being gone EVERY night while remodeling my dream yoga studio... I recruited a few extra cute girls and planned an Adventure Walk.
We had an enchanted check list and sidewalk chalk.

And they were off...!

First stop, the Troll Bridge. At each enchanted location, the girls had to write their first initial, to let the fairies know we were there. We searched under the bridge for the Troll.... we only found litter, which we are sure he left. Trolls are dirty.

Next we found a patch of Spring flowers... obviously, the fairies like to visit this spot in the mornings.

Then.. we found an actual fairy house!! Excitement and giggles!! We left the flowers at the door and quietly backed away. Fairies are nervous of too much human noise.

We adventure walked over to the magical windmill... and the diamond sparkle pond.

Last on our list... locate all of the fun painted dogs...

and one Peter Pan clock.

How much am I loving this weather??!!
Winter depression... oVeR.

Mrs- move to Our Town.
Then I could have grabbed your cute 5 year old.
Because, as you can see, Our Town is full of magic.


Unknown said...

Dear Tru Stories:
DON'T let the adorable girls sit on the dogs.
Signed: Impact

Tru Stories said...

Dear Page Turner-
I let adorable girls do whatever they want.

The Mrs. said...

My first thought after the very first picture: I'm so jealous we weren't there to join this fun adventure. However, my five year old has a rather short tolerance for walks. She would have sucked the sparkle and magic right out of it within the first three blocks. She was better off snuggled on the couch watching TV while her dad helped Coach build your dream studio.

This post makes me very excited for summer though. We really need to think about purchasing our summer time share in the 584. Doc, you still in?

Coach said...

"Now eveybody in the 5-8-4 put your motherlovin hands up and follow me."

ct said...


Beach Bum said...

Bella loved the walk Thanks