Monday, October 3, 2011

Homecoming 2011.

Continuing a long-standing family tradition, Three was nominated once again for Homecoming Court. Ensuring this family, would not miss a second of the festivities (not that we would have either way.)
On a beautiful Fall Friday afternoon, we lined downtown excited for the Homecoming Parade.
(my favorite parade of the year: short, sweet and full of cute family members.)

As we waited, the girls took a cute photo opp with a Warhol painted Impact on our Town. My my... those girls sure do look related. Extra related, even.

Then we started to spot some Green! Holla Back Two.

Three's Big Blue Chariot has arrived. Driven by Coach (Past Homecoming Royalty) and who's that handsome boy Shot Gunning in his first ever parade? The Kid. (and maybe one day future Homecoming Royalty?!)

Seriously, how cute is Three and his Princess??
Click the Like button. She knows how to pose cutely for the Blog Camera. Smart girl.

You have to be a Senior to actually win the crown. But thus far... I am liking Three's odds. He just gets cuter, every year. Even with that not-so-faux hawk.

The stadium crowd was thick to cheer for Three and Two. We even welcomed visitors from Carbonhill.
We will happily invite the sweet ladies of that house, back anytime. The General?? No Thanks. He really is too funny for his own good.
Alas... we did not have a Win. Bummer.
But we are still devoted fans. Go Green!!


Unknown said...

Disclaimer: No Impact Dog was hurt in the taking of the super cute picture of the little girls.
The boys are cute too.

Flag Girl said...

Like.....Super cute!

Anonymous said...

I think some of the peeps in blog world would have like to have seen Chilis sweet ride all shined up for the parade. -Meyalma maderhol

Doc said...

Great pictures!!