Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gimme-a... H I C K....

Ok...Let's get Tru Stories back to business.
Weeks ago:
Ditta texts. Asking if we were in for a Team Trivia Night, raising money for Special Olympics. Sure, ok.
1 Week later, he texts this is a theme night. How about Superheros? Sure, ok.
1 Week later, again: Oh... by the way it's an hour out of town, with a classier group of people in attendance and it's sorta for his work... Ummm, ok.
Then the real drama begins...
So hey, how about we change from Superheros and instead, all the guys can wear the Hickory Huskers uniform from the 50's dance? Fine, ok. Except, that means all the girls have to be cheerleaders.
WAIT... hold the phone. Me too???
We started with a long skirt/sweater idea, similar to the actual cheerleaders of their day. Once or twice, I suggested khaki pants, which apparently was
'the worst suggestion in history'.
Finally, The Mrs. sends out a mass email, which I assumed to be a joke. Instead: it was a walking, wide-awake, living nightmare. The Mrs. found an actual cheer leading web-site where we could just order matching uniforms (yippie!!) and should we go with yellow and maroon (Yes! Why not?! I sooo Heart Yellow!) and the skirts are sorta short so what size did I want (well an XS of course!) and then we could all wear matching Keds (Obviously! I totally want to run out and buy matching Keds!) and doesn't this sound fun and aren't we super excited!!?
After a lifetime of repelling anything cheer leading
(I barely smile, much less enthusiastically shout the spelling of cheerful inspiring words): this sounded like the OppOsite of Super Fun.
But it was for charity (yada) and even though I tried convincing Tink into last-minute puking (she wouldn't) Coach and I prepared to go. With authentic olden-day cheerleader bangs, in tow.

Just wearing the 'uniform' had my skin crawling and my uncomfortable gene flaring... so when we arrived and discovered only 3 out of 50 tables had actually dressed in a theme... it got sorta awkward. The Cherry, on the whipped cream??? The girls had ordered matching Yellow socks with poms and 'CHEER' printed on them. (SQUEAL!! I'm so EXCITED!! I can totally wear those again!)

Please notice.. A.) My bangs. B.) the 300 people in plain clothing. C.) How weird and awkward my arm looks attempting to hip-hold that pom.

Halfway through the event, we learned we lost Best Costume/Table... uhhh, what? Someone shouted "Did you even see this table??!!" and pointed to us.
I responded, "Did they even see my bangs??"
People were not happy.
The Mrs. was even less happy.
Her and The General are pretty accustomed to winning Best Dressed and got just a little bitter on the Trivia answer sheets.

By the end, at least 4 maybe 5 people had some fun. (Mostly those related to the Sunbury side of the table.) We left empty handed.. though I (luckily) have that uniform (and socks!) For Life.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.


The Mrs. said...

Shut up, you loved it.

Prepare yourself: 40th birthday. These pictures will resurface again. Talk about making an impact...

Unknown said...

First you make Tru Stories dress up like a cheerleader, now you say 40th birthday. Do you hate her?
I think you make a cute cheerleader TS. You should have gone with pigtails.

Anonymous said...

Nobody mentioned how comfortable Coach looked in his uniform. -rahrahreekickeminthekneerahrahrasskickemintheotherkneehol

Chili said...

Looks like a "classier group of people" by the looks of the guy sitting behind you with the hat, ponytail and flannel on his chair. Wow, what does that say about you guys?

ct said...

ha-lar-i-ous!!!!!!! and chili is right! super funny stuff.