Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trying to make an Impact.

Saturday afternoon, Coach and his cousin, with some help from Grammy (and even Pop-Pop!) organized a Round Robin Knock-out Basketball Tournie. Unfortunately, the event had a very low turn-out, which was a disappointment to the Bride's Husband.
I certainly understand his pain and wanted to remind him of the bright side.

First: It was an excellent opportunity to take some action shots on a beautiful Fall afternoon.

Especially, of 2 smiley cousins. Bonus.

Maggie Mae looked adorable. Plus.

Coco showed off her legs in short-shorts. Positive.

Flag Girl is given one more chance to view her super cute son (Three) on this blog. (I swear, I'm about to create and link-up a Three Fan Club page.)

Coach spent the afternoon playing basketball, rather than changing a diaper or helping with laundry.
For Coach: Always a very good thing.

Feel better, Bride's Husband (FYI- I don't like your Munchkin given blog name) the afternoon was a roaring success for our family, at least.
In all seriousness:
To those involved: Thank-you for your hard work and continuing commitment to our town. You were able to paint perfect lines on the court and trim trees, providing a great place for future Trojans to shoot some hoops. Fingers crossed our son stops being a little Barbie girl and one day actually enjoys the courts.
Above quote, just another snippet from the handbook I am compiling for The Bride (future mommy) entitled 'How to Raise Children with Sass and Harsh Sarcasm.'


Flag Girl said...

Beautiful day....glad I made it.

Double fun that Coach paid Three's entry fee! Thanks Coach!

The Bride said...

Props to them for trying and having a good time while at it.

Unknown said...

Not everything works. Glad Coach and his Cousin gave it a shot.