Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Definition of Hypocritical.

A Conversation between Coach and I:

11:35am. This morning.

Me: Soooo... what are the odds we have an extra three hundred bucks laying around and we can do a little shoppin at ** The Pier One, this evening?

Coach: Slim to none.

Me: Ok... give me a range.

Coach: Odds are at best, 70 to 1.


2:30pm. Coach calls me from work.

Me: Hello?

Coach: ... Pamida has a 40 inch yada yada, LC blah blah high def yada... for $299. That's a good deal.

Me: Seriously!? You JUST told me we had no money.

Coach: Uhhhh... I don't remember the conversation going exactly like that. We'd better jump on this. It's like we are losing money by not buying it.

Me: How about... you wait 4 weeks so me and the kids can buy one for your birthday? I'm sure you can survive til then.

Coach: I'm not sure I can.

** Footnote:
I enjoy randomly putting 'The' in front of various businesses, in response to this entire town putting 'The' in front of their Dairy Queen... as if they acquired THE only Dairy Queen location on earth.


Anonymous said...

hahaha... The Dairy Queen...we're losers, though it is a social hub. -The Warhol

Unknown said...

I used to live in a town that did not say "The" Dairy Queen. You know what type of food they served? Inferior. And they smelled funny. I love The Dairy Queen.
Signed: The Grammy
(See there are other Grammy's in the world, just not as good a Grammy as I am.)

Anonymous said...

It really is the only Dairy Queen that matters.

Chili said...

Lets get back to the point here! Coach, I feel your pain.... TV's are always more important. Even more important than toilets or refrigerators!

Flag Girl said...

Back it the 80s/90s only
'The' Cool People....worked at 'The' Dairy Queen.......

I also go to The Bowling Alley for wings.

And The Country Club for Steak.

Anonymous said...

Not only were they cool at The Dairy Queen, they were cool in flags and band.

Tru Stories said...

Nice one, Realitycheck-hol.

The General said...

Nope, just cool at The Dairy Queen.