Friday, October 28, 2011

4 Thank-yous Plus 1.

Chili Davis these are your 4(1) Birthday Thank-yous.

1. Thanks for being a nice guy. Seriously. A great guy. A good man. As often quoted by me (for years!) "We really love Chili. We really like when Chili is around. We think Chili is great." You were always the better half.

2. Thank-you for including me in the surprise Saturday at the Bears game. It was easily one of the Top 20 days of my life. If I think about it... I can still hear the quiet, secret click of Doc's can, from the back seat. That was an amazingly great day.

3. After showing the above pic: Thank-you for always hugging Coach up in every picture. As if he will perpetually remain your Lil' Buddy... even though he is actually a grown-a$$ man, with three children.
But still... it's sorta cute.

4. Thank-you for taking your bleepin Iphone to New Orleans, which housed your Mapquest App... which you obnoxiously used, even though I was standing right there, with a New Orleans book opened to an actual map. Thank-you for helping to make my super cool tourist book, appear dorky and outdated.
Yeah... thanks for that.

Plus 1:
But mostly, thank-you from all of us...
for making This Girl smile:

Because, a Smiley Flag Girl is WAY sweeter than a
... ummm... Un-Smiley Flag Girl.
Happy 41st Birthday, Chili Davis.
You really are a great guy.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! I know you will have a great day!

ct said...

happy birthday!!!! have to say you and flag girl make a great couple! :)

Flag Girl said...

"Happy" Birthday Chili!
Sending lots of Happiness and Fun your way! 40's are looking good on you! Keep up the good work!

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Happy Birthday Chili!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chili, your gonna have to find another reason to text me once a month now. -fitrightinwiththefamhol (if you can keep your eyes open)

Coach said...

Happy Birthday Chili!

Munchkin said...

I remember when Chili and I became friends, it was at Boobens one night. Do you remember that Flag Girl? You took our picture.

Happy birthday really great guy!

Doc said...

Happy birthday Chili!!! You do make Flag girl smile and that makes all of us happy! And thanks for being a huge part of the supergreatday in Chicago...we will never forget that entire day...even the fun ride home!! Have a great 41st!!

Anonymous said...

Doc, Sweetbreads will also never forget that wouldnt keep your hands off her.....and I found $20 under your bar stool. -Worhol

Cath said...

Happy birthday, Chili! You & flag girl make a super great pair