Sunday, October 9, 2011

Haunted House.

Yesterday, was a perfect Fall day.
We held a small Round Robin Basketball event.
(Basketball pics to follow later.)
Followed by a trip to probably my best haunted house experience eva. We began our evening with dinner at a pizza place. After an excellent meal (unfortunately sans chocolate cake) we took two very chatty and nervous youths to the haunted house.
Coach was more nervous about the $17 per person but he immediately declared we were quickly earning our ticket money, after BOTH Flag Girl and The Kid screamed just while waiting in line.

Top Five Moments:

- In the very first room, the lights flickered just long enough, for a girl to pop-up inches from Coach's face. Resulting in a normally child-friendly Coach, to loudly spew explicits, in the presence of his son and nephew.

- I am very rarely scared of anything. I never scream, act nervous or agitated. Yet, we were shuffled together into a small, plain room. After a quiet pause the walls started pushing together. Ummmm.... not a fan of close quarters, this girl likes her personal space.

- BEST MOMENT: We had established The Line, well before arriving at the haunted house. Our parade order: Coach, then The Kid, Me, Flag Girl, Three and Chili. With emphasis on protecting The Kid and Flag Girl. After tumbling out of the 'Closing Room' our line was broken as we progressed down the VERY small and VERY dark hall. Flag Girl FREAKED as she realized she left alone and exposed in back. She started shouting. "The Line is broken! We are not in order! Get back in line!!" It was awesome. Except for where she nearly tore my sweatshirt while climbing my back.

- I sorta have a secret issue with Hill People. Something about uneducated hill-folk with bad teeth... makes me a bit uncomfortable. They had a movie set worthy room depicting a nightmare-esque cabin. Ick.

- Probably my favorite spot was a Fun House walk in a spinning black-light star tube. It was trippy. And our very athletic Three nearly crawled... totally convinced he was spinning sideways in a gravity-free continuum.

What I learned:
- Haunted Houses inside old barn cellars: Awesome.
- Watching Coach hesitate upon walking into the rubber snake room: Only makes him cuter.
- The Kid has a VERY strong grip.
- NEVER attend a haunted house without a Flag Girl.


Flag Girl said...

Wasn't scared at all......this blog doesn't even make sense.

Munchkin said...

I'm so mad I didn't go!!!!!!

The General said...

I wish they video taped people going through those.

Coach said...

I am not afraid of snakess at all. I will domnate snakes if need be, it was the rubber in the snakes that made me a little nervous. Rubber makes me nervous.

Anonymous said...