Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warhol's Birthday: Phase 5

Note: Stop Here!
Please begin reading this series below.
Starting with "So this is the Real Story"
and moving up with Phase 1, then Phase 2..etc.
For the Full sarcastic Effect.

* In the month of February,
his birthday was mentioned on 3 Posts.
(remember, this is only the 10th)

* In the Past 30 hrs add an additional 6 posts, dedicated solely to the discussion of his birthday.

* Fetching 27 Comments and counting....

* I devoted countless wasted minutes/possibly hours, as I ignored my children even more than usual. Seriously cutting into my Streaming Wii Netflix hobby.

End Result:
Operation Shut.Warhol.the.H.E.DoubleL.Up 4.1 Edition.
A Success.

Did I ever tell you about this one time, the 'Crick' Flooded and we took the Silliest little pic of The Kid?!!
Could he be any cuter?!

Oh... One Last thing...


And. I'm. Out.


Anonymous said...

WOW..that had part in making this one of the most memorable I am getting up there in age I assume these things will fade into a blurred past..but thanks to my True Stories -inlaw people will be able to quote my 41st birthday word for word well into my dementia. Thank you Tru Stories, I had a lot of fun and can't wait to hear whay amazing things you have to say on big 42.

andrea said...

very well done, TS! I had a blast on hol's b-day.
Happy Birthday, Warhol!

Tru Stories said...

I am so glad everyone enjoyed this (and you really did, it was one of the highest blog traffic days ever) I am not sure if you tuned in for Warhol or to see if Tru Stories could pull it off... either way, Thanks.
It was fun.
But don't get too excited, this will not happen again for a very long time. And probably his 42nd will just be regular, like everyone else. I don't ALWAYS have to top myself... do I?? It's sooooo exhausting being a blogger!

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned everyone, maybe I'll start my own blog filled with sarcasm and ga ga goo goos at the dinner table....Oh......nevermind. Slightly humbled -Warhol

The Mrs. said...

Wait a minute...your own "ga ga goo goos?" OMG, Warhol, are you pregnant?!?!? That would definitely provide some additional quality blog material.

Tru Stories said...

First: I like you.
Second: I like the way you're thinkin.

Anonymous said...

Im feeling a little ambushed...all over the net from you 2.

The Mrs. said...

You can't stop me. I'm on fire!

Unknown said...

Is this blog/comment marathon over? I would like to get on with my life.