Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warhol's Birthday: Phase 3

'Thursday doesn't even start'
(Well... I am kinda trying to start The Birthday Post but it's just too cold outside to think.)

'Thursday never looking back'
(Whoops. I totally looked back. Holla Back 'Phase 1'.)

'Thursday watch the walls instead'
(Watching blank walls seems nearly as fun, as writing just one more lame old Birthday Post about another totally awesome member of Coach's super amazing family. I am so over them.)

'Thursday I don't care about you'
I sorta don't.
Because I have NoT even told the Blog World yet... about how Tink ate 3 whole Doughnuts for Lunch today. Aren't my kids totally CraZy!? They are so amusing and funny.... Couldn't you just read about their cuteness All.Day.Long!??

Messing with PoorInnocentVictimHol has become my new Fav 'Cure' for housewife boredom.

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