Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So this is the REAL Story....

Tomorrow is Warhol's birthday.
As you may have heard, read or noticed....
Warhol was not thrilled with the execution of his previous Birthday Post. 'Flying into Your Forties'. Dated February 10, 2010.

Here's the story.
Last year, Warhol was at a bit of a crossroads. Quickly, his 40th birthday came upon us and his Party Planning family, were unable to properly prepare a deserving celebration. At the last second, I planned a very lame event following an evening yoga class. With the chaos of his event, yoga and the 3 children I barely mother.... I confused the actual day.
Immediately, after realizing my mistake, I rushed to the nearest computer to compose a sweet little Birthday Shout-out. It posted at exactly 10:50pm, Wednesday night and received 7 Comments.

My Blog is titled 'Tru Stories from the 222nd Floor' and NOT 'Every single Day in the Life of Warhol' when my children were exceptionally cute (growing teeth, being hilarious) I posted the following Thursday morning at 11:59am.

Thanks to his mother, Warhol is convinced the world revolves around him. He was dramatically appalled that a sister-in-law had only praised his Amazingness on the Internet, for 13 hours and 1 minute. At every given opportunity, since that cold day last February, he has seriously beaten this joke/horse to death
(another character trait not uncommon to Warhol)

Therefore, Warhol is lookin for Payback.
And tomorrow,
he will get It.


Unknown said...

I can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

I'm setting my alarm.