Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine's Evening....

2:30pm: Attended The Kid's Valentine School Party.
3:10pm: Drove Van-full home.
3:30pm: Frosted Valentine's Cake with 2 containers of Frosting. Let big kids sprinkle (only half) of cake.
4:30pm: Took The Kid to Tae Kwon Do.
4:40pm: Watched The Kid receive his Yellow belt.
4:41pm: Witnessed The Kid make the cutest, embarrassed smile as Aunt Flag Girl 'whooped' during the serious belt ceremony.

5:18pm: Bribed Tink into Tumbling clothes.
5:19pm: Told Coach to kill a spider.
5:20pm: Half of our group went to Three's game.
5:30pm: Took pink Cowboy boot Tink to Tumbling.
5:40pm: Picked The Kid up from Tae Kwon Do, while illegally parked in Alley.
5:46pm: Began watching Three play one of his very best games of Basketball ever. (We don't call him '3' for nothin.)
6:15pm: Coach raced out of game to pick up Tink.
6:54pm: Was (um... pleasantly?) surprised to realize there was a B game left to watch.
7:10pm: Grouped up with some In-laws at Turtles.
8:05pm: Fully aware I had a cake at home, ordered a Skillet Cookie for dessert.
8:07pm: Considered throwing something at Chili Davis, as he joked I would spend all of the next morning eating the Valentine's cake.
8:08pm: Secretly felt shame, as I knew Chili was totally correct.
8:13pm: Glorious Skillet Cookie arrived at table.
8:14:30secs: Tink HAD to go potty.
8:15pm: Stood outside door as Tink Deuced and Skillet Cookie melted.
8:16pm: Sadness and disappointment sank in.
8:55pm: Finally, got The Kid into bed.
8:59pm: Entered bathroom and admired brand-new Valentines Diamond Earrings from Coach, in mirror.
9:00pm: Remembered Coach only got me a card.
9:01pm: Took hot shower, in the attempt to clear my sinuses thanks to the 65 degree temperature jump, in last 3 days.
9:03pm: Ignored little girls knocking on door.
9:16pm: Used Neti-pot.
9:30pm: Watched DVR'd Grammys with Coach. Wondered out loud if Arcade Fire got stoned one night and decided to let whomever was in their apartment, join the band.
9:58pm: The girls finally fall asleep.
10:10pm: Begin flipping sides, in attempt to rotate breathing out of one nostril and then mouth.
10:12pm: Became panic-attack terrified, a spider may crawl into my open mouth, while I was sleeping.
10:14pm: Calmed, with the reminder, I would be eating cake for breakfast.

The Day AFTER Valentine's Day:

9:40am: Have already consumed two pieces of cake.

Was my Valentine's filled with Romance? Not really.
But it was pretty sweet.


Flag Girl said...

You had me at the diamond earings!

Call me when we go up for The Kids Red Belt Ceremony...

Chili said...

I really wasn't kidding!

Unknown said...

I've had a daaaaay. I'll be over for cake soon. Please save 1 piece.

ct said...

i love that tink loves her cowboy boots so much! :)