Friday, February 18, 2011

What JUST Happened?!

I hope you have spent the day, with family.
I hope you remembered to hug, kiss and tell them how they have brightened your life.
Maybe you ate your favorite food or flipped past memories in your photo album.

Today, The Kid walked outside on his own accord. He was not threatened, bribed, tricked or begged.
He simply picked up his basketball and began to shoot hoops. He practiced dribbling drills. Switching hands. Fading back.
After 40 minutes, he marched towards the house.
Temper tantrum?
Gentle, lady-like hands too chilled?
He remembered, he had a Chapter to read in his 'Complete History of Our National Monuments'?
No. Instead, he called his Uncle over, to play more basketball, grabbed Gatorades and jumped back into drills. 45 more minutes later....
Pop-pop arrived. To play even more basketball.
After 2 hours, 10 minutes of pure outdoor basketball joy, The Kid retired for a snack.
No request for money. No whining.
No complaints of torn cuticles.

I Declare: "Hell Hath Frozen Over".

After 9 painful years. (Heartbreakingly painful.)
My son... has become a Boy.

It's the End of the World as We Know it.
And I Feel Fine.

I am afraid to blink.


Doc said...

What a perfect day!! I'm jealous.

Unknown said...

My favorite part was Popop and Uncle being outside too.

Stephanie said...

Congratulations on your sons great achievement! I may have made a cake or some bread on my own accord, but never have I just picked up a ball to play a sport!

ct said...

i bet coach is so PROUD!