Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Of course...

Last week, as the temperature rose, so did my desire to Spring Clean. I spent four days, dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming, sweeping...etc. The Kid's Room: Spotless. The Girls' Room: Spotless. I emptied drawers and closets, to size their clothes. I even organized and labeled the Game Closet!
Four evenings in a row, this home sparkled.
Candles were burning.
Dinner had been made.

The last two days, we have been distracted. The older kids had events. I was a little tired. The house began to collect mess. Shoes and toys were strewn about.

In the past week, which evening did we receive unexpected guests? (whom we adore!) But seriously, was it one of the four days the house gleamed??
Or last night, at our peak of chaos?
Of course.
Peak of chaos.


Unknown said...

You should have said, "Who wants to play some games, let's take a look at my game closet and find something fun."

Chili said...

So....Your gonna send them to my house tonight to tear it up?????