Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warhol's Birthday: Phase 1

As mentioned, Warhol felt kinda slighted by Tru Stories, on his 40th Birthday. I feel simply awful. I should be more gracious and articulate with Coach's eldest sibling. As the self-declared, #1 of GG's Second Generation, he deserves my respect.
At the very least, I should treat his birthday, with the same grace and kindness, as he has shown my Family.

Seriously, Have you Eva! read anything as touching as the Comments he left on our Birthdays.

Warhol's Comment on Coach's Birthday Post:

(the ...... represents: Nothingness, Lack of typing, Blank Space or simply put: No Comment)

Coco's Birthday Comment from Uncle Warhol:

Tink's Birthday Comment:

The Kid's Birthday Comment:

And Finally, My Birthday Comment:

"Anonymous said...
I have a Birthday coming up in Feb, and if it stays up for more than 2 hours I hope to have more than 2 comments...crossing my fingers coco doesn't make big potty in the toilet, or Coach and The Kid don't have any stimulating conversation at dinner on the 11th. Screwedhol"

Actually Posted on January 20th.
1 Day Following my Birthday.

Isn't he the Sweetest!! This trip down 'The Posts of Christmas Past' has left me rather emotional. I am blinded by tears. My heart, filling with overwhelming gratitude, is almost choking me....
I'm gonna need a minute, to compose myself.
Please. Check back later today....


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Footinthemouthhol.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday whatever your name is. It sounds like your sister-in-law loves you. Enjoy your day and the anticipation of the next blog. Love, Mom (by the way, you are my favorite today.

Flag Girl said...


Anonymous said...

This is gonna be fun!!

Anonymous said...

Not feelin the me when the next blog is up and I will crawl out from under my well deserved rock. dumbhol

ct said...

HAPPY Birthday Warhol! Hope your day is fantastic, especially since you are getting all this hype! ;)

Chili said...

Happy B-Day... Tonight you should strive for Alcohol!

Doc said...

Happy birthday "big brother"!!! are soooo funny!!!